Our development team continues to push the envelope forward as we complete our goals and make our way down the roadmap.

Goals Met

Completed Roadmap Items

  • Blockchain Creation
  • Explorer Creation
  • Windows Wallet Creation
  • Mac Wallet Creation
  • Linux Wallet Creation
  • Simple Masternode Installer
  • Twitch Username Integration with $CORN Wallet
  • Twitch Users are able to $tipcorn anyone in chat
    Example: $TIPCORN MIKE 420
    This will send 420 REAL $CORN FROM User1+Wallet1 to User2+Wallet2
  • Twitch Subscribers of all tiers are paid BITCORN per Minute! (variable rate)
    Tier 3 = 1 $CORN/min
    Tier 2 = 0.5 $CORN/min
    Tier 1 = 0.25 $CORN/min

Q1 ’19

  • LAUNCHED JAN 1 with Users, Wallets, Tipping and Rain systems all functioning as promised in the CORNPAPER v1
  • Subscriber Auctions – Avg auction sold: 0.04 BTC/10m $CORN
  • Marbles on Stream League for BITCORN GIVEAWAYS

Q2 ’19

  • Launched optimized BITCORNhub (bot) version 2
  • BITCORN Faucet Launched

Current Roadmap Items

Q3 ’19

  • Achieve Exchange Listing(s)
  • Develop Payment Gateway for vendors to accept $CORN in exchange for goods & services
  • ROCKYMOUNTAINPURE.COM has committed to allow the use of $CORN to pay for goods from their online store once listed on an exchange
  • Twitch Users will have ability to purchase RMP goods directly from Twitch Chat
  • Potential Twitch Extension Integration

Project Development Timeline

Phase 1

Phase 2

Q3 – 2019

Q4 – 2019

Q1 – 2020

Q2 – 2020

Q3 – 2020

Q4 – 2020

Twitch Bot


Discord Bot

Bitcorn Pi

Bitcorn Shuttle

Bitcorn AR

Bitcorn Royale

Projects in Development

BITCORNhub (Twitch Bot)

This is the heart and soul of BITCORN and will be an ongoing project. This is how you can use $BITCORN to tip and rain on each other directly from chat. We will continuously be thinking of how to make BITCORNhub better optimized as well as create systems within our framework to better enhance the functionality and use of BITCORN.


This is the central information hub of everything BITCORN as well as ‘BITCORN Development Farm’ and future games developed by BITCORN Games Studio. BITCORN blockchain explorer also lives at https://explorer.bitcornproject.com/

BITCORN Discord Bot

This bot is currently being developed to sync our Twitch Users and Subscribers to their proper roles, mainly addressing Tier 3 subscribers. The bot will also be used to distribute $BITCORN to users who promote the project on their Twitter, and eventually expanding to other social platforms.


An one stop shop trading platform. The goal is to tie together TradingView + Binance + Built in Stop Loss + Profit Taking Scaling wrapped into “one click.” This would eventually be hooked into all the popular and most requested exchanges.


A Raspberry Pi with proprietary trading software installed to work with the BITCORN Shuttle. This mobile trading device will allow users to trade on the go. It can also store Point-of-Staking coins on the device so users can keep their wallets running and staking, without having to keep their power hungry desktop units running 24/7. The trading software will utilize BITCORN in some way, such as trading fees/discounts in $CORN similar to BNB/Binance.


An Augmented Reality (AR) game similar to Pokemon GO, except to go sow & farm REAL BITCORN! Players will be able to farm BITCORN at parks or partnered business locations for bonus farming and growth rates! Earn items in games to protect the BITCORN crops from vicious CORN PREDATORS in an AR Tower D type game! Players will also be able to pimp out their characters by buying new skins with $CORN -OR- EARNING skins by accomplishing certain tasks such as farming BITCORN at the top of Mt. Everest would earn you a YETI SKIN and can ONLY be earned this way (“geocache hunting”). Lots of incoming fun features! This can ultimately become CORNVILLE, the OG game idea from BITCORN Games Studio.


Currently on hold due to BITCORN AR but lots of groundwork development has been completed for this title thus far. Worms + Terraria type game.

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