Our development team continues to push the envelope forward as we complete our goals and make our way down the roadmap.

Roadmap 2022


-Waited and Received confirmation for Rally.io platform onboarding

-Developing a swap system from BTC Based CORN to Rally Based CORN

-Started Development of Youtube & Twitter systems for Rally.io platform utilization (includes BITCORN; separate from onboarding)

-Update Corncraft.io website


-Have a BITCORN Creator Coin Token on the Rally.io platform

-Deliver aforementioned Youtube & Twitter Systems to Rally team

-Possible start of Integrations & Developments of other systems based on Contract/Bounty..

-Polishing of BITCORN Battlegrounds to public release ready – secondary priorty


-Look into BITCORNfarms avatar system

-Start looking into Corncraft Game + NFT integrations

-we have some pre-pre-pre alpha Corncraft mechanics, already written to our github


-Dictated by events above and the direction that fits best

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