Our development team continues to push the envelope forward as we complete our goals and make our way down the roadmap.

The highly antipicated & updated BITCORN Roadmap, 2021.

End of Quarter 1, 2021

-New & Improved BITCORN Dashboard is Released
-The LAUNCHPAD for all future BITCORN projects
-One Single Account
-One Wallet Balance
-Access and usage in Multple Games with UNIVERSAL Wallet Balance
-Access to Universal Marketplace for Physical & Digital Good exchange (FUTURE RELEASE; Possibly Q3 2021)
-Hired 3 Full Time Developers
-Hired In-House Legal Consult
-Commissioned Mitsuhiro Arita to start CORNYMON concept – Designing ‘Ignoramus, the MEGACROW’ art
-OG Artist of 1st Editions Pikachu, Charizard, etc
-Commissioned HamonCutta (follow her twitch) for 7 CORNYMON Characters including Flagship Character, ‘Satoshi’
-Satoshi stands for all that is Pure, Innocent, Just, and Good in the world
-Baby Yoda + Psyduck type

By End of Quarter 2, 2021

-Ability to sign up on BITCORNfarms.com with your Google or Twitch accounts, with a few simple clicks
-Ability to purchase ‘BITCORN COINS’ directly from BITCORNfarms.com with Credit Cards
-BITCORN COINS will USUALLY be needed to play games developed by BITCORN Games Studios LLC
-Think ‘Quarters to an Arcade’ in a sense
-Never Pay2Win
-Ability to earn BITCORN COINS within Games as well!
-Farm with your Friends!
-BITCORN BATTLEGROUNDS will be the first title to officially, publically release for all streamers to utilize

By End of Quarter 3, 2021

-Turn BITCORNfarms.com more into a standalone social platform
-Hybrid of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
-Have a Beta for the Avatar System
-Universal Avatar [Character] for all BITCORN Games Studios LLC Based Games.
-Have a Beta for CORNHUB Flea Market (Auction House System, housed on BITCORNfarms.com)
-Built-in Feedback System
-Used to buy/sell/trade DIGITAL goods from across all our game titles
-Used to buy/sell/trade PHYSICAL goods
-Like eBay + Silkroad, but for LEGAL stuff only.
-Only 1% fees
-Use at your own Risk but we WILL actively investigate scams.

By End of Quarter 4, 2021

-Have a Beta for CORNCRAFT.io
-Alpha for BITCORN Trading Cards
-Rare/Serial#’d Physical CORNYMON/BITCORN Cards + Digital NFT Redemption packs for EXTREMELY LIMITED BITCORNfarms AVATAR SKINS!!!

Future Stuff, 2022+
-Set up Corp in Malta or other Crypto+Gaming friendly region/Country
-Set up BITCORNcasino.com
Set up:
-BITCORN Sportsbook
-BITCORN Blackjack
-BITCORN Roulette
-BITCORN Exchange
-Trade BITCOIN & Doge, against BITCORN
-Can List Fractional Share Ownership with Real Time Trading Functionality, based on Physical Assets (Graded Cards, Fossils, Rare Antiques, etc)

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