A letter of Transparency to Everyone

The Corngods have purchased 35 masternodes from me at market cost, to help our operations and development expenses and they have committed to purchase 20-30 masternodes per month, for the next 12 months to keep our development going, worry free. The funds will be used to pay our staff, fix bugs, and purchase BITCORN back at market.

These Corngods are legitimate Investment Bankers from the Oil & Gas Industry. They are very excited to back our projects development as well as help guide our project from a high level, banking perspective.

They 1000% agree with me that focusing on the new platform, and making sure our baseline is good to go from the start, is the key component right now.

That is why we just hired 2 full time staff members on board Clayman and caLLowCreation and currently talking to a third developer now.

The Corngods said when we are ready for a 10m+ ask to properly utilize, they will fundraise within their whale circle, on behalf of the BITCORN project.

Also BITCORN just officially hired full time, in-house, Legal consult for the next 12 months.

The Official Team is currently 2 developer/architects, 1 Lawyer, and myself “Timkim’ (a pleb)

4 full time staff members on the BITCORN team, along with a lot of part time and volunteer staff members that believe in the project.


BITCORN News Update Feb 2021