bitcorn bot back up

The BITCORNhub main bot is back up and functioning!

Big time shout outs to @d4rkcide @caLLowCreation and @Clayman for kicking it into high gear and getting the BITCORNhub v3 online – 11 DAYS AHEAD OF QUOTED Schedule!

The next few days will be used to observe the system and make sure things are functioning and stable which could result in us having to take the bot offline but we’ll make sure everyone knows beforehand.

You can go check your balance by typing $BITCORN in the MarketTradersTV Twitch Chat! This new command will register a user a new BITCORN address if they do not already have one! You will also have a new BITCORN Address associated to your Twitch Wallet.

The address you are assigned is a wallet assigned to your TwitchID. This address does not link with your desktop wallet.

You ARE able to $WITHDRAW from your twitch wallet to your desktop wallet.

View this help page here to view all the commands for the bot

Welcome to the future boys.