blog wallet update 212

New BITCORN Wallet 2.1.2 is out and is a MANDATORY UPDATE for EVERYONE!

Just download and replace the bitcorn-qt.exe file in your BITCORN folder and let it load up!

Old Wallet version will no longer work after Block Height 500K.

This wallet update also does:
– Raised Minimum Protocol (blocking old versions)
– Replace Network Seeds
– Add post hardfork checkpoint

Please change your daemon/wallet ASAP. This is mandatory.

In order to update your MASTERNODES, run this command on each of your VPS





For the people having ANY BITCORN SYNC ISSUES, we have created a bootstrap.

This means you can download the from the official BITCORN Github and replace the folders to your Bitcorn folder – where ever you have your wallet.dat.

This will instantly download blocks 0 to ~450,000 so you will only have to sync from ~450k to current block, which should save a ton of time for everyone and ensure you are on the correct blockchain every time!

In our test, we were able to set up a fresh wallet and have it completely sync’d to the current block to match the explorer, within 5 minutes.

Multinode users:

All multinode servers must be reinstalled to be on version 2.1.2.

You can cancel your VPS’s you already have and setup new ones and run the multinode installation from scratch. Just enter in the same masternode genkeys when prompted and then edit your masternode.conf file with the new IP addresses generated on the new VPS, save the .conf file, restart the local wallet and start your masternodes again.

You can view you are on the correct chain since the update by checking your block number under Settings – Debug – Information
and comparing it with the block number on the explorer:

How to Upgrade

If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes), then run the bitcorn-qt.exe (on Windows) or just copy over /Applications/BITCORN-Qt (on Mac) or bitcornd/bitcorn-qt (on Linux).