Bitcorn Wallet Update v3.0.2

BITCORN Wallet Version 3.0.2 has been officially released. Please download the new wallet update from GitHub:

This update includes the following features and fixes:

  • Increased max outbound connections (doubled to 16 from 8)
  • Add masternode log category + additional protx error case
  • Increase default split threshold for staking
  • Better handle long block-times (reduce threshold for verification)
  • Fix daemon start output

If you have an existing wallet, it is always a good idea to create a backup prior to updating.

In order to upgrade and existing installation please do the following:

  • Create a backup of your wallet
  • If you have Masternodes, do not touch them
  • Extract the contents of the new wallet file you download from GitHub & run the new bitcorn-qt application

If you have any issues connecting to the BITCORN network, please run these commands in the wallet’s console (Tools > Console):

  • addnode add
  • addnode add
  • addnode add
  • addnode add
  • addnode add

This update is not mandatory, but definitely will help with your staking. It prevents UTXOs from being split into stacks smaller than 2.5 Million Bitcorn. This will help keep your priority higher for staking rewards.

We also have a new installation guide which is available on our official BITCORN Helpdesk:

Wallet Installation Guide

Bitcorn Wallet Update v3.0.2

This guide will walk you through downloading the specific wallet based on your operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux). It will break down the installation process step-by-step for and provide you with helpful screenshots to demonstrate everything in detail.

Access this guide via our official helpdesk:

If you have any issues during your upgrade or installation of v3.0.2 please do not hesitate to ask for help in the Discord under the #support channel.