bitcorn bot maintenance

The BITCORN Bot (BITCORNhub) will be down for roughly 1 month to completely overhaul our system.

We learned a lot from the past two bot builds. One major lesson we have come to face is how quickly popular BITCORN has become and with popularity comes volume.

Our current infrastructure is comprised of many moving parts, all of which one (1) primary box was handling everything related to bitcorn, including 1 wallet to handle potentially hundreds of thousands to MILLIONS of transactions per day – it simply just can not scale.

We have solutioned an architecture utilizing the new knowledge we gained from botbuilds v1 & v2. With v2, came a more modern database and new optimizations, but we were trying to fit v1 old, laggy core with v2 database optimization and the core could not keep up with the growing demand.

Hence, we have broken ground on v3 already – the decision was made last night. Best way to ‘make it work’ and also prepare it for mass useage (think Streamlabs Chatbot) is to build it from the ground up to accomplish the vision. You will still have your current balances.

One major implementation: you will have a new Twitch Wallet Address associated to your TwitchID – NOT your TwitchUsername – meaning, you will be able to CHANGE your twitch USERNAME, and still retain your corn and same wallet addr!

This will potentially delay the listing timeframe but the exchanges we’ve been talking to know about our plan to rebuild. We’ve never officially applied to any exchange yet, so we still have our single arrow holstered and we want to make damn sure we’ll hit our mark when we hit the Send button.

Thank you for your patience through all this. I promise you that we are working our asses off behind the scenes. Our team is dedicated to cultivating BITCORN, guaranteed.

Any questions can be directed to me or left in the #bitcorn-general channel on our discord!