• BITCORN 3.1.0 is mandatory update for ALL BITCORN Desktop Wallets

  • BITCORN 3.1.0 is a mandatory update for ALL BITCORN Masternodes

Click here to download the new version.

The developers behind BITCORN have been toiling away to provide this latest update. This is a significant update to the blockchain which requires all BITCORN users to update their wallets and masternodes before block number 69,000. Therefore, please make sure you take care of your updates as soon as possible.

GitHub Release Page:

Release Notes

This is a mandatory upgrade release including the following features and fixes since the 3.0.2 release:

  • Hard-Fork height set for block 69k activating various updates to proof of stake validation
  • significantly improved synchronization speeds (via fixes to PoS validation)
  • added sync progress bar for masternode & governance sync
  • set default fallback fee for mainnet
  • enabled quorum signing
  • set minimum stake amount of 500,000 CORN
  • fixed/added unlock for staking only via CLI
  • misc minor fixes and updates


Please follow these steps below to complete the update:

  1. Log into the VPS your MasterNode (MN) is installed on.
  2. Run this command in your VPS terminal window:
    Copy to Clipboard
  3. Once completed, run this command to check the version:
    Copy to Clipboard

If  successful, your terminal should look similar to this screen shown below:


We have thoroughly tested the new version prior to release, however, should you experience any issues with the update, please post a message in the #support channel in the official BITCORN Discord server. There are always community members around willing to help out.

In addition, if you haven’t already, you can start trading your BITCORN on the ProBit exchange now that we are officially listed. Find out how by checking out our article on Depositing BITCORN on the ProBit Exchange.