Accumulating Bitcorn

Now that you have your respective wallets in place, how can you actually fill them up with Bitcorn?

Accumulating BITCORN

If you have your desktop wallet setup, you can enable Staking by unlocking your wallet and choosing the “Decrypt Wallet for staking only” option. You will need to make sure you have already used the “Encrypt Wallet…” option first to set a password and to get the Lock/Unlock options to appear. After a few minutes you should be able to see the icon in the bottom right indicate that your Staking is indeed active.

In order to run a Masternode you need at least 10 Million Bitcorn. Then you can follow the official Masternode guide here.

The easiest way to get more Bitcorn is just being a Twitch subscriber in MTTV ( and hanging out in chat! The accumulation breakdown for Twitch chat idling rewards are as follows:

  • Tier 3 Twitch Subscribers earn 1 BITCORN per minute
  • Tier 2 Twitch Subscribers earn 0.5 BITCORN per minute
  • Tier 1 Twitch Subscribers earn 0.25 BITCORN per minute

If you’re active and contribute good information, you may also find yourself receiving a $tipcorn from a fellow user in MTTV chat. You might also get $rain‘d on if you happen to be one of the 5 people chatting (limit to cut down spam on bot) before someone executes the command. These will result in Bitcorn going to your Twitch wallet specifically.

Beyond that you can also participate in various Bitcorn Bounties that are announced in the #bitcorn channel on MTTV’s Discord. There are currently several open for making graphics (emotes, memes, etc.), sharing information about Bitcorn or MTTV on social media, and assistance with web content or articles for Bitcorn Times.

Common Questions

When will Bitcorn be listed on a proper crypto exchange?

Febuary 14th 2020 on ProBit.

Who is involved with development?

What about the !fakecorn in Twitch chat?

The “fakeCORN” (StreamLabs Loyalty Points) will continue to be used for stream events and giveaways and will remain separate from $BITCORN. You can however offer to trade !fakecorn for $BITCORN with another user if you’d like to.

Will you be able to donate to the stream and get Bitcorn rewards?

We will soon be developing a direct approach to obtain lumps of $BITCORN through the Bitcorn Hub Dashboard. You can also seek out trades with other users to obtain $BITCORN for either !fakecorn, Bitcoin, or other crypto currencies. The #bitcorn channel on Discord would be the best place to ask.

What exactly is a Masternode?

Accumulating BITCORN

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask in the official #bitcorn channel on CTTV’s Discord or live on MarketTradersTV 24/7.