BITCORN – The Continuous Pay-It-Forward Blockchain

BITCORN is a cryptocurrency with knowledgeable people behind it, committed to helping the community learn about blockchain technology. BITCORN is an educational tool designed to show everyone how easy crypto is to use.

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What is BITCORN?

BITCORN is a real cryptocurrency that encourages community development and relationship building. It lives on Twitch in CryptoTradersTV’s chat.

A Tipping currency with real use on Twitch

  • Able to tip fellow members in chat using simple commands!

  • Share the love with those you appreciate!

One of many applications we’ve developed in house, provides a peer to peer tipping function integrated within Twitch chat technology, which allows any subscriber to CryptoTradersTV’s chat the ability to send or receive tips, as well as be rained on for being an active participant in chat. This is made possible through the ‘BITCORNHub’ bot which allows you to register a bitcorn wallet address to your TwitchID. We’ve also created a proof-of-idling consensus where subscribers of our Twitch channel earn BITCORN by the minute, just for idling in the chat. So come check out our great community of traders and BITCORN farmers.


Here are some of the many things that make BITCORN great.

Tipping Currency

BITCORN is a Proof of Stake and Masternode currency that allows you to tip and share value with others on twitch.

Game Development

Our committed game developers currently have 4 unique game titles in development, with our first title “BITCORN AR” in alpha.

Trading Tools

We have created our own trading and stop loss tools to help you trade the markets more effectively.


Learn about Cryptocurrency, Charts, Technical Analysis, Traditional Markets, FOREX and a lot more.

Development Farm

We are creating our own value and use cases for BITCORN and our success will be determined by how hard we work.

Solid Community

We have a large foundation of BITCORN farmers, getting involved means becoming part of a family.

A growing secure and private global network


Masternodes Running

Our large community of Masternodes is constantly growing.


Daily Masternode Rewards

Each Masternode you run earns you more Bitcorn as a reward.

How the tipping system works

Our tipping currency lives in our twitch stream.

bitcorn how it works

Want to learn how to trade?

Our twitch stream is running 24/7 and is run by a team of expert traders with years of experience.


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