BITCORN – A Tipping Currency & Universal Loyalty System

BITCORN is a cryptocurrency with knowledgeable people behind it, committed to helping the community learn about blockchain technology. It is a Blockchain Tipping Currency and Universal Loyalty System with real use on multiple platforms.


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What is BITCORN?

BITCORN is a real cryptocurrency that encourages community development and relationship building. It lives on many Twitch streams and works on Discord, Reddit and Twitter.

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A Tipping Currency where users have a Universal Balance on Twitch

  • Universal balances in multiple channels and platforms that can be used to buy skins in games and more.

  • Able to tip fellow members in chat and make it RAIN using simple commands!

  • Share BITCORN easily with people you appreciate!


Here are some of the many things that make BITCORN great.

Tipping Currency

BITCORN is a Proof of Stake, Masternode Currency and Chatbot Loyalty System allowing you to share value with others.

Game Development

Our committed game developers currently have 4 unique game titles in development, with our first title “BITCORN AR” in alpha.

Trading Tools

We have created our own trading and stop loss tools to help you trade the markets more effectively.


Learn about Cryptocurrency, Charts, Technical Analysis, Traditional Markets, FOREX and a lot more.

Development Farm

We are creating our own value and use cases for BITCORN and our success will be determined by how hard we work.

Solid Community

We have a large foundation of BITCORN farmers, getting involved means becoming part of a family.


BITCORN is currently trading at these exchanges:

btc to corn

A growing secure and private global network



Masternodes Running (Pre-Rally Swap*)


Weekly Masternode Rewards (Pre-Rally Swap*)

How the tipping system works

Our tipping currency lives in our twitch stream.

bitcorn how it works

Bitcorn is an amazing and fun community crypto. It can be used for tipping in Twitch, Discord and Twitter and also traded against USDT and BTC on Probit. The development team delivers as promised unlike many other cryptos. It’s super fast and reliable. It’s reassuring to interact directly with members of the team directly with any technical issues. They provide clear and concise documentation about Bitcorn and it’s ecosystem. Setting up and owning master nodes is easy and rewarding. It’s fun to rain Bitcorn and spread the word! The future of Bitcorn looks bright with the expanding adoption.


@timkim and the whole Bitcorn team have done an incredible job with this project. Their dedication to this great community is undeniable. Bitcorn and MarketTradersTV provide and promote the best place to learn about trading on the internet. Period. Its awesome seeing the market for $CORN develop, especially inside a trading community. $CORN is simple to use, has an easy and quick wallet setup and you can seamlessly exchange it between wallets whether that be on twitch, twitter or various other platforms. The transaction speed and amount the system can handle is insane. Im very excited for the things to come from this project. This is just the beginning!


It’s a funny thing. You trade something (Crypto) for years without any real understanding or care for how it works other than it bring in the $$$s. Then one day a project comes along within a space you are familiar with yet completely distant from and it changes everything. If it wasn’t for Bitcorn I most likely never would of looked into blockchain, would never of known what staking was or how to set up and run Master Nodes. I would of gone on happily trading the volatility of XBT and been just fine. But now… I’m hungry for more… Corn.


The majority of crypto projects out there don’t provide you with an opportunity to obtain a skill that could reward you with financial freedom. That’s exactly what Bitcorn does, but only if you take advantage of learning how to trade by watching MTTV on Twitch, and investing in the DopeTrades course. You basically get paid to learn, bc you earn Bitcorn while watching the MTTV stream. The community is pretty damn awesome too.

Dat Reb of Ortho

Bitcorn is a friendly, easy and simple cryptocurrency. I would recommend it to my friends for their practicality. The community is also friendly, always answering the doubts of the newbies about the currency. Integration with social media allows for various ways to earn Bitcorn and facilitates adoption.


Want to learn how to trade?

The MarketTradersTV twitch stream is running 24/7 and is run by a team of expert traders with years of experience.

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