BITCORN – The Continuous Pay-It-Forward Blockchain

BITCORN is a cryptocurrency with knowledgeable people behind it, committed to helping the community learn about blockchain technology. It is a Tipping Currency and Universal Loyalty System with real use on multiple platforms.

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What is BITCORN?

BITCORN is a real cryptocurrency that encourages community development and relationship building. It lives on Twitch in MarketTradersTV’s chat.

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A Tipping Currency and Universal Loyalty System with real use on Twitch

  • Universal balances in multiple channels and platforms that can be used to buy skins in games and more.

  • Able to tip fellow members in chat and make it RAIN using simple commands!

  • Share BITCORN easily with people you appreciate!


Here are some of the many things that make BITCORN great.

Tipping Currency

BITCORN is a Proof of Stake, Masternode Currency and Chatbot Loyalty System allowing you to share value with others.

Game Development

Our committed game developers currently have 4 unique game titles in development, with our first title “BITCORN AR” in alpha.

Trading Tools

We have created our own trading and stop loss tools to help you trade the markets more effectively.


Learn about Cryptocurrency, Charts, Technical Analysis, Traditional Markets, FOREX and a lot more.

Development Farm

We are creating our own value and use cases for BITCORN and our success will be determined by how hard we work.

Solid Community

We have a large foundation of BITCORN farmers, getting involved means becoming part of a family.

A growing secure and private global network

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Masternodes Running

Our large community of Masternodes is constantly growing.


Weekly Masternode Rewards

Each Masternode you run earns you more Bitcorn as a reward.

How the tipping system works

Our tipping currency lives in our twitch stream.

bitcorn how it works

Want to learn how to trade?

Our twitch stream is running 24/7 and is run by a team of expert traders with years of experience.

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  • BITCORN Wallet Update version 3.0.1

BITCORN Update v3.0.1

December 21st, 2019|

The new and improved BITCORN Update v3.0.1 is officially released. This is a completely new version

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